Our Dream Park

Tomahawk Together is a kid/family-focused, non-profit that has done tremendous work over 30 years, including developing Kinship of Tomahawk’s mentoring program. We have one more massive undertaking in the works – an All-Inclusive “Dream Park” Playground in Washington Square Park. We’ve partnered with the City of Tomahawk, which will add a Splash Pad and other ADA updates to make the city-center park an exciting attraction for all ages and abilities.

The city completed an Outdoor Recreation Plan survey that showed overwhelming support for the addition of a local splash pad. Likewise, a Lincoln County Community Health Survey cited access to parks, bike trails and walking paths as the number one strength in making Lincoln County a healthy place to live. When Tomahawk Together approached the city about building an all-inclusive playground, the two projects melded and a partnership was formed. 

Tomahawk Together is working with a Wisconsin-based playground company. The entire park transformation, with major improvements, ranging from the Splashpad, lights, security, parking, etc., comes to just over $2 million. Everything fits within the current park without disrupting the historic log museum, train and Tomahawk boat displays, as well as the Chamber building. Summer Flea Market can continue and adjacent basketball hoops will be improved, 

Included are a closer look at early designs of the playground and splashpad plans, a layout of the park, and, most importantly, how you can support the project through an engraved Paver donation. Your support can be commemorated in the park's walkways for years to come!

Our Dream Park Timeline

Projected timeline for Washington Park improvements leading to the opening of Our Dream Park Playground and Splashpad includes these anticipated milestone dates.