Keeping of Chickens


Permit required. No person shall keep chickens in the city without obtaining a valid permit issued by the City Clerk. The permit process requires a complete application accompanied by the fee as determined by the City Council. The permit will expire December 31 of each year. A new permit must be reissued annually and a new fee paid with each application.

Neighborhood notification. Before a permit is issued for the keeping of chickens, the Clerk’s office shall notify in writing owners and occupants of properties within 100 feet of the property where chickens will be kept. If any owner or occupant protest the letter within ten business days, the permit may only be issued by the City Clerk after referral to the License and Permits Committee.

Keeping of chickens allowed. The keeping of up to four chickens with a permit, is allowed on a single family residential premise, providing the following:

  1.  No person shall keep a rooster.
  2. Chickens shall be provided with fresh water at all times and adequate amounts of feed.
  3. Chickens shall be provided with sanitary and adequately-sized enclosure, or coop, and shall be kept in an enclosure or a sanitary and adequately-sized and assessable fenced enclosure at all times.
  4. Chicken coops shall be constructed in workman like manner, be moisture-resistant and either raised off the ground or placed on a hard surface such as concrete, patio block or gravel.
  5. Chicken coops and enclosures shall be constructed and maintained to prevent the collection of standing water, and shall be cleaned of hen droppings, uneaten food, feathers and other waste daily and as necessary to ensure that the coop and yard area do not become a health odor or other nuisance.
  6. Chicken coops, enclosures and yards combined shall be large enough to provide 16 square feet per chicken. The total area devoted to keeping chickens may not exceed 100 square feet.
  7. No part of any enclosure shall be located closer than 25 feet from any residential dwelling on an adjoining lot. No part of any enclosure may be located closer than five feet from any lot line. No part of any enclosure shall be located nearer than 25 feet from a navigable waterway.
  8. No enclosure may be located in the required front yard area of a lot.
  9. No one may keep any chickens in a manner that causes a nuisance, unhealthy condition or public health threat.

 Permit revocation. A permit is subject to revocation by the License and Permits Committee. Once a permit is revoked, it shall not be reissued for a period of at least two years.