Well 4 and Well 5

Tomahawk Waterworks

The Tomahawk Water Utility pumps an average 445,000 gallons per day, 162 million gallons in a year from 2 wells on Waterworks Road (located just off of S. Tomahawk Ave).  The 77 feet deep wells are capable of pumping 900,000 gallons per day.  Water is pumped directly into the distribution system and all to a 400,000 elevated storage tank (water tower) located on Birchwood Ave. The Utility adds caustic soda, to adjust the pH of the water to make it less corrosive, and hydrofluosilicic acid, to increase the amount of fluoride for dental health, to the water supply.  The Utility maintains approximately 184,000 feet of distribution mains.


PFOA/PFAS Information

The Tomahawk Waterworks continues its mission to provide safe, high quality drinking water that meets all federal and state standards.  Safe drinking water is essential to ensure public health.